Skipton Music Festival triumphed – despite a difficult year.

The event was dedicated to the memory of former secretary Ann Ware, who died just days after last year’s festival having been at the helm for nearly 30 years.

Organisers also had to contend with a restriction on numbers due to ongoing work at the Skipton Town Hall, which meant some choral classes had to be transferred to other venues.

And, youngsters competing in the under nine piano solo class played by torchlight after a power cut which lasted most of Tuesday morning.

“The boy who was playing at the time just kept going,” said new secretary Jill Wright. “His dad used his mobile phone to light up the music and his granddad went out and bought two large torches, which he gave to the festival.

“It has been a difficult year, but we have had a superb festival. The atmosphere has been terrific and everyone has been very understanding regarding the restriction on numbers..”

The inaugural Ann Ware Trophy - presented by Mrs Ware’s stepchildren, Simon Ware and Rachel Gupta - was won by college student Josie Conti, of Skipton, for her solo recital.

Josie was also awarded the Town Council Cup for most promising performance.

The Grassington Festival Trophy for the best stage presence went to Connie Harpham, of Pateley Bridge, the President’s Prize, awarded at the president’s discretion, to Ross Tennant, of Leeds College of Music, and the Leslie Robinson Trophy for the most promising recorder soloist to Phoebe Newall, of Skipton’s Water Street School.

And Water Street School is also to receive a special trophy for promoting the festival’s speech and drama section.

“We hope that more people will take part in the speech and drama classes next year,” said Mrs Wright.

Monday Composer class: 12 years and under - 1 Daniel Burrows, Skipton, 2 Bridget Longrigg, Embsay; 15 and under - 1 Ben Finley, Skipton; 17 and under: 1 (and Beethoven Trophy) Catherine Scriven; 2 Adam Hopkins; remembering Richard Rodney Bennett, 13 and under - 1 Adam Hopkins.

String solo: 13 and under - 1 Rebecca Stapleton, Skipton; 15 and under - 1 (and Skipton Orchestra Trophy) Ben Finlay; 17 and under (and Joseph Benjamin Cup) - 1 Ross Tennant, Leeds College of Music.

Tuesday Piano solo: nine and under - 1 Katie Geldart, Cracoe, 2 Aimee Oliver, Skipton, 3 Imogen Crombie, Ingleton.

Instrumental group: 11 and under - 1 (and Arthur Townsend Rosebowl) Water Street School, Skipton, 2 Lady Lane School, Bingley; 3 Moorfield School, Ilkley.

Brass solo: 11 and under - 1 (and John Summers Trophy) Isabella Earl, Lady Lane School, Bingley, 2 Ollie Macnab,Skipton; 17 and under - 1 (and Castle Acoustics Cup) Sam Mavor, Skipton.

Small ensemble: 11 and under - 1 (and Edgar Nicholson Trophy) Cononley School; 15 and under (Coulthurst Cup) - 1 Saxuality; 2 Molly Wolstenholme and Lauren Plunkett; 17 years and under -1 (and Leslie Rennard Cup) Jess, Joanna and Rebecca, Lothersdale.

Woodwind solo: 11 years and under - 1 (and Eric Hargreaves Trophy) Olive Steward, Bradley, 2 Ben Buckner, Carleton, 3 Hamish Wills, Skipton; 13 years and under - (and Skipton Girls’ Choir Trophy) 1 Eleanor Hyndleman, Ilkley, 2 Max Walker, Embsay, 3 Rosie Laycock, Settle; 15 years and under - 1 (and Cyril Carr Cup) Rebecca Howlett, Malham, 2 Elspeth Adamson, Earby, 3 Esme Graham, Grassington; 17 years and under - 1 (and Church Shade Cup) Josie Conti, Skipton, 2 Jessica Shears, Lothersdale, 3 Patrick Naylor, Skipton.

Wednesday Piano duet: 12 years and under - 1 Poppy Johnston and Harry Johnston, Skipton, 2 Eden Taylor and Sophie Gostling, Skipton and Jasmine Gaunt and Kate Robinson, Skipton, 3 Imogen Clarke and Tiegan Adam, Skipton; 14 and under - 1 (and Evans Duet Shield) Matthew Parry and Gemma Timmons, Ilkley, 2 Lucy Goodfellow and Becky Nelson, Skipton and Johan Lempen and George Mwasumbi, Skipton; 16 and under - 1 (and Sue Watkiss Trophy) Matthew Markham and Adam Hopkins, 2 Jess Shears and Catherine Scriven, 3 Charlotte Day and Abigail Pascoe; 17 and under - 1 (and James Pye Memorial Cups) Josie Conti and Sam Mavor Piano trio: under 14s - 1 (and Evans Trio Shield) Lucy Goodfellow, Alicia Hartley and Becky Nelson, Skipton, 2 Johan Lempen, George Mwasumbi and Alexander Smith, Skipton; 12 and under - 1 Imogen Clarke, Tiegan Adam and Szymon Furga, Skipton; 17 and under - 1 (and Trio Memorial Cups) Toger Christiansen, Charlotte Day and Abigail Pascoe.

Piano solo: 11 and under - 1 Phoebe Newall, Skipton, 2 Frances Wade, Skipton, 3 James Adam, Ilkley; 12 and under - 1 (and Isaac Cup) - 1 Helena Wignall, Simonstone; 13 and under -1 (and Sunderland Cup) Ben Cowling, Cross Hills, 2 Becky Pickles and Helena Wignall, 3 Lucy Goodfellow, Skipton; 14 and under - 1 (and Keith Frith Rosebowl) - 1 Gemma Timmmons, Ilkley; 15 and under - 1 (Thomas Foley Cup) Helena Wignall, Simonstone, 2 Gemma Timmons, Ilkley, 3 Alexander Smith, Skipton; 16 and under - 1 (and Kathryn Stott Trophy) Adam Hopkins; 17 and under - 1(and Alfred Clayton Rosebowl) Ben Finlay, 2 Gemma Timmons, 3 Toger Christiansen and Catherine Scriven.

Guitar solo: 11 and under - 1 Arthur Swiffen, Ilkley, 2 Matthew Stevens, Skipton, Willow Clapham, Skipton, and Yuri Marijewko, Skipton; 17 and under - 1 (and David Evans Cup) Sam West, Skipton.

String solo: 11 and under - 1 (and Clay-Renhardt Trophy) Hugh Irven, Skipton, 2 Rowan Sutcliffe, Addingham, and Charity Clifford, Ilkley, 3 Harriet Pickup, Hellifield, and Poppy Ibbetson, Menston.

Thursday Recorder group, nine and under - 1 (and Craven Cup) Water Street School, Phoebe’s Group, 2 Water School School, Adam’s Group; 11 and under - 1 (and Silentnight Trophy) Water Street School; descant recorder solo, nine and under - 1 Phoebe Newall, Water Street School, 2 Sophia Crebbin, Moorfield School, 3 Betsy Potter, Water Street School, Poppy Best, Water Street School, and Madeleine Evans, Moorfield School: 11 and under - 1 Pahl Hayre, Moorfield School, 2 Ellie Hall, Moorfield School, 3 Phoebe Newall, Water Street School and Madeleine Evans, Moorfield School; recorder duet, nine and under - 1 Betsy Potter and Felicity Windle, Water Street School, 2 Poppy Best and Hannah Jackson, Water Street School, 3 Lilyana Dhillon-Downey and Georgia Tyas, Water Street School; 11 and under - 1 Sophie Auburn and Phoebe Newall, Water Street School; treble recorder solo, 11 and under - 1 (and Wright Cup) Phoebe Newall, Water Street School, 2 Felicity Windle, Water Street School, 3 Betsy Potter, Water Street School; 13 and under - 1 Phoebe Newall, Water Street School; 14 and under - 1 Phoebe Newall, Water Street School; solo for recorder of any pitch - 1 Phoebe Newall, Water Street School.

Vocal classes: solo, 11 and under - 1 (and Mary Williamson Cup) Ben Kelt, Westville House, 2 Isabel Smeaton, Westville House 3 Landon Crowther, Westville House; 13 and under - 1 (and Carleton Cup) Niamh Maroney, Cross Hills, 2 Emily Calleja, Colne, and Isabel Woodward, Westville House, 3 Adam Schilders, Skipton; 15 and under - 1 (and Eileen Widdop Cup) Emily Calleja, Colne, 2 Katie Wilkinson, Cowling; folk song, 13 and under - 1 (and Valerie Baulard Cup) Isabel Woodward, Westville House, 2 Emily Calleja, Colne, Evangeline Barnby, Hull; 17 and under - 1 (and Earle Walls Trophy) Tatiana Calow, Embsay, 2 Georgina Parker, Barnoldswick, and Grace Currie, Giggleswick School; novice class, solo, 12 and 18 years - 1 Madi Omatseone, Cross Hills.

Songs from the Shows: 13 and under - 1 (and Raikes Cup) Connie Harpham, Pateley Bridge, 2 Niamh Maroney, Cross Hills, and Landon Crowther, Westville House, 3 Emily Briscombe, Ripon; 17 and under - 1 (and Ida Whitaker Rosebowl) Tatiana Calow, Embsay, 2 Grace Currie, Giggleswick School, and Kayleigh McArdle, Pateley Bridge, 3 Georgina Parker, Barnoldswick; folk song: 17 and under - 1 (Renee Shephard Trophy) Grace Currie, Giggleswick School, 2 Katie Wilkinson, Cowling Duet: 17 and under - 1 (and Mary Shepley Cup) Georgina Parker and Emily Calleja, Colne.

British composer class: 17 and under - 1 (and Alice Williamson Cup) Tatiana Calow, Embsay, 2 Evangeline Barnby, Hull Friday Piano solo: ten and under - 1 Jacob Lockyer, Thornton, and Phoebe Newall, Skipton, 2 Archie McAdam, Skipton, 3 Harry Johnston, Long Preston, and James Adam, Ilkley; duet, ten years and under - 1 (and Lymm Shield) Tabitha Wood and Abigail Hutchinson, 2 Libby Marsh and Georgia Ramshaw, 3 Bridget Longrigg and Ollie Park, Embsay, and Gabri Tankard and Gabriella Whitfield, Skipton; piano trio, ten and under - 1 Beth Hardaker, Abigail Hutchinson and Tabitha Wood, Westville House, 2 Emma Oliver, Isabel Green and Aimee Oliver, 3 Julia Horsley, Celia Aspin and Allegra Riley-Smith.

Solo recital, 14 and under - 1 (and Stow Rosebowl) Rebecca Pickles, Lothersdale, 2 Becky Nelson, Skipton, and Lucy Goodfellow, Skipton, 3 Sonja Tarbett, Carleton; 17 and under - 1 (and Ann Ware Trophy) Josie Conti, Skipton, 2 Tom West, Skipton.

Junior choir, 11 and under - 1 (Edwin Berry Cup) St Cuthberts and the First Martrys, Bradford, 2 St Clare’s, Bradford, 3 Boyle and Petyt, Beamsley and St John the Evangelist, Bradford.

Saturday Adult vocal classes: early Italian aria, 17 and 21 - 1 Kirsten van Terheyden, Ilkley, 2 Jack Bowtell, Clitheroe; young singer, 18 and 25 - 1 (and Wallasey Vase) Kirsten van Terheyden, Ilkley, 2 Jack Bowtell, Clitheroe; solo voice and accompaniment - 1 Gill Allen and Gillian Teague, Blackpool, 2 Glyn Evans and Juliet Johnson, Cross Hills; folk song - 1 (and Thomas Leslie Abbott Memorial Trophy) Lesley Warren, Doncaster, 2 Juliet Johnson, Silsden, 3 Jack Bowtell, Clitheroe; Victorian or Edwardian song - 1 (and Arthur Townsend Trophy) Jack Bowtell, Clitheroe, 2 Lesley Warren, Doncaster and Gillian Teague, Blackpool; over 60s solo - 1 (and Ivy Hargreaves Cup) Gillian Teague, Blackpool, 2 Hilda Harrison, Cononley; light opera - 1 (and Dengate Trophy) Jack Bowtell, Clitheroe; songs from the shows - 1 Kirsten van Terheyden, Ilkley, 2 Juliet Johnson, Silsden, and Lois Brown, Cononley, 3 Hilda Harrison, Cononley; British composer - 1 (and McBride Trophy) Hilda Harrison, Cononley, 2 Kirsten van Terheyden, Ilkley, 3 Lois Brown, Cononley; sacred oratorio or mass - 1 (and Edward Driver Cup) Jack Bowtell, Clitheroe, 2 Lois Brown, Cononley; solo voice - 1 (and Craven Herald Rosebowl) Lois Brown, Cononley, 2 Gillian Teague, Blackpool and Lesley Warren, Doncaster; ladies choir - 1 (and Ickornshaw Trophy) Rock Up and Sing, Just for Girls, Harrogate, 2 Carleton Monday Club Choir and Skipton Ladies Choir; small vocal ensemble - 1(and Walls Trophy) Skipton Ladies Chamber Choir; mixed voice choir - Rock Up and Sing, Skipton.