A mum who lost her son to a brain tumour has nominated for a top award the nurse who helped her through the trauma.

Skipton hairdresser Claire Marsden, whose son Harry died aged ten months in 2010, has praised Ann Tasker, a former Airedale Hospital nurse, for her care during her son’s birth and for supporting the charity set up in his name.

Ann is one of four finalists in the patient choice category of The Nursing Standards Award – and the winner will be determined by public vote.

Claire said: “I stayed in contact with Ann as I felt a connection with her having been at Harry's birth. Ann also attended Harry’s funeral.

“When I became pregnant again in 2011, I was very anxious and asked Ann if she would deliver my baby.

“Ann put herself on call 24 hours a day in the last few weeks of my pregnancy. Then on January 17, 2012, I went into labour and Ann travelled from home and delivered Lily at Airedale Hospital.”

Last year, Ann, who now works for County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust, organised a Three Peaks walk with other members of Airedale staff and, with friends, they raised more than £2,500 for charities, including Harry’s Star.

Ann also plans to walk the Dales Way for Harry's Star, which supports the regional charity Brain Tumour Research Support and Aidan’s Elephants, which offers support to parents whose babies die in pregnancy or during or after birth.

So far, Harry’s Star has raised £50,000.

People wanting to vote should log on to secure.rcnpublishing.co.uk/ nurse-awards/patients-choice-voting.asp