The recently-released results of an extensive survey in Silsden are already proving to be a useful resource.

The survey, which was launched in 2012, asked residents about local priorities, crime and security, employment opportunities, local environment, transport and travel, housing, footpaths and bridleways and tourism and leisure.

A total of 1,102 residents aged 16 and over participated in the survey out of an estimated population of 6,749 – the equivalent of nearly one in six people.

“It’s the most extensive of its type in the Bradford district,” said Craven ward councillor Adrian Naylor.

Michael Elsmore, former mayor of Silsden Town Council, was part of a committee that prepared the survey results for publication.

“I was pleased with the actual survey itself; it’s a document that can be used and respected,” he said. “Statistically we had a good return, and that will assist with the town council’s policies and help Bradford Council prepare a neighbourhood plan.”

For the survey, Mr Elsmore categorised and compiled 560 comments related to transport issues in the town.

“One of the biggest concerns that people wanted was a direct bus to Skipton.”

He also pointed out that the “dangerous” Elliott Street, Howden Road and Kirkgate crossroads was a big concern for residents.

Coun Naylor also spoke about safety concerns at the junction and the survey had already prompted council action.

He said the Belisha beacon zebra crossing is being replaced with a traffic light crossing.

“It should dramatically improve safety,” said Coun Naylor. “Physically stopping traffic will improve the crossing and enable people to cross safely. The lights will sense traffic backing up.”