Plans to build a woodland school, eight new homes and allotments in Barnoldswick have been given the go-ahead.

The development, earmarked for land between Applegarth and Lockfield Drive, includes 12 car parking spaces and a children’s play area.

The school would be used by Pendle Nursery, currently based in Fountain Street.

Speaking on behalf of applicant Robin Southwell, planning consultant Alison Roland told the West Craven Area Committee: “The applicant has not tried to squeeze too many houses on site. It’s in a highly sustainable location that is close to the town centre. This is a well-rounded scheme.”

The plan had been recommended for refusal last month over concerns about access and noise from the nearby Rolls-Royce factory, but Mr Southwell and his agent had worked with Pendle Council to address the issues.

Barry Reid, who lives at Rosebank Lodge next to the site, told the meeting: “We can hear noise at night from the Rolls-Royce factory, but we’ve lived here for over ten years and we’re used to it. When new people move in, they might contact Pendle Council to complain about noise, but Rolls-Royce is a big employer in the town and we wouldn’t want something like this to make them want to go someplace else.”

Mr Reid was concerned about the access to the site, which is near to the Skipton Road canal bridge.

He said: “The bridge is a short distance away on a road with a 30mph limit. But people drive a lot faster than that - it’s an accident waiting to happen.”

Members shared Mr Reid’s concerns.

Coun Jennifer Purcell said: “There is a problem with speeding on that road. We could ask Lancashire County Council to put some double yellow lines down to improve visibility.”

Coun Ken Hartley asked that conditions regarding access, possible contamination of rubble on site and a lighting scheme for the play area and car park be imposed.