Youngsters at Glusburn Primary School went to the movies – and helped to raise money for people in disaster zones.
The school held a fundraising cinema evening, attended by more than 170 children and parents. It was the brainchild of parent Vonni Hockey and her daughter, Tyla, and families were asked to vote for their favourite film.
The winner was Mr Peabody and Sherman, with 51 votes.
The evening was staged to raise money towards a Shelterbox, which will be used in a disaster zone to provide accommodation. Each box costs £590 and contains a tent and essential equipment such as a stove, water purifier and tools. Headteacher Richard Hunt said: “In total the event raised £150, allowing us to exceed our target of £600 to buy a Shelterbox.”
The fundraiser was also supported by local garage Just Citroën – it agreed to donate £250 and parked a “stickered up” car at the school to direct people to the show.