A long fight to improve safety for “tidal waves” of pupils crossing a busy Barnoldswick road has ended with the installation of two new crossings.
The light-controlled crossings have been installed on Kelbrook Road, not far from the entrance to the new Barnoldswick C of E Primary School, which is nearing completion and will open in September.
Oliver Starkey, Lancashire County Council’s public realm manager in Pendle, said: “After consulting councillors in the West Craven area, it was decided to install the new crossings on Kelbrook Road.
“They are needed for the new primary school currently being built at the rear of West Craven swimming pool.
“There has also been an historic need for crossings in this area. There are children who attend neighbouring schools who also need to be able to cross Kelbrook Road safely.”
The pedestrian crossings, which were brought into operation on Friday, have been welcomed by councillors in Barnoldswick.
“It’s at least a decade since we began campaigning for safer crossings on Kelbrook Road,” said Coun David Whipp. “It’s great to see the new crossings in use.
“The road sees tidal waves of pupils crossing to and from the high school and that stretch has been the site of several accidents over the years. With the new primary school coming along, crossing the road safer is crucial.”
Coun Lindsay Gaskell added: “Ideally, we’d have liked to see proper traffic lights, with pedestrian phases, at the entrance to the new school. The county council wouldn’t agree to that, but came up with the two crossing solution instead.
“The crossings will make it far safer for people to cross the road.”