Bradford Pothole Club will host the next Gaping Gill winch this week.

The club, which has hosted a public winch meet for the last 50 years, will run this year's winch from Saturday to Friday.

Gaping Gill, the largest cavern in Britain, is located on the slopes of Ingleborough and visitors are advised to park in Clapham village and allow one and a half hours to walk to Gaping Gill via the Ingleborough Estate Nature Trail and Ingleborough Show Cave.

Visitors are also advised to wear warm waterproof clothing, gloves and boots or strong shoes, and bring a torch.

The cost is £12 per trip, but no pre-booking is possible, as number ordered descents are issued on the day.

If the winch is not running due to bad weather, a notice will be posted at Ingleborough Show Cave.

Craven Pothole Club will also run a winch meet from August 16 to August 25.

For further information, ring 01484 683260.