Tesco is being asked to help fund the £1 million cost of a new footbridge over the Aire Valley trunk road.

Bradford Council wants the supermarket giant to contribute to the long-awaited pedestrian link for Steeton and Silsden.

Any payment would be part of Tesco’s community contributions as part of its plans to build a new superstore in Silsden.

The footbridge would enable Steeton residents to reach Tesco on foot and Silsden people to walk to the Silsden/Steeton railway station without crossing the busy trunk road.

Tesco, like all major developers, has to pay many thousands of pounds in Section 106 money to offset the development’s effect on the local community.

The council is also asking Tesco to fund a planned new puffin crossing at the nearby Elliott Street/Clog Bridge junction and pay for traffic lights on Keighley Road at the junction with its proposed access road.

Andrew Mallinson, who represents Craven ward on Bradford Council, said he would “absolutely support” the footbridge funding request.

Coun Mallinson said the idea has been put forward several years ago but the council could not identify funding.

He said: “There has always been a case for a footbridge. For people who have to cross the very busy carriageway it would be a lifeline.

“I think a lot more people from Silsden would walk to the station, which would help ease congestion on the road.

“This footbridge would also allow Steeton residents to have access to the supermarket.”

The request for funding for the footbridge is contained in Bradford Council highways department’s response to Tesco’s planning application for the supermarket.

Highways officers said the trunk road, the A629, had severed the pedestrian link between Steeton and Silsden, but the council had an aspiration for a high-quality crossing.

Anthony Greally, from planning consultancy Nathaniel Lichfield and Partners, said transport consultants had assessed accessibility of the proposed Tesco site and its impact on roads.

Mr Greally added: "We will now be taking forward discussions to agree what measures are required in order to mitigate any adverse impacts of the development and to ensure an acceptable level of accessibility to the store."