COWLING Primary pupils joined forces with celebrity chef Jamie Oliver to set a new record for the World’s Biggest Live Cooking Lesson.

Year six children from the Gill Lane school joined pupils in more than 100 countries and 9,000 schools to create a rainbow wrap made from a variety of vegetables and feta cheese.

Pupils tuned in to a live cookery lesson on the web led by the chef and then had a go themselves.

Organisers hope over one million people will have watched the lesson which took place earlier this month.

The record was part of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day designed to raise awareness of healthy eating.

“There is not one country on the planet which has smashed it,” Jamie Oliver told the Times Educational Supplement . “Not one country where obesity levels are coming down.

“A rainbow wrap is really delicious slaw, with little bombs of feta cheese, wrapped in a flatbread. It’s perfect lunchbox fodder really.

“We need every child to understand where food comes from, how to cook it and how it affects their body. This is about setting kids up with the knowledge they need to make better food choices for life.”

At Cowling children made the wraps and then enjoyed a picnic in the playground.

“It was fun to make and a little messy! Not many people had put that many vegetables in a meal at once before!” said year six pupil Gaby O’Toole.

“We put way too much vinegar in our dressing but it was fun,” said Harry Rowe while his classmate, Kenzie Tracey, said it felt good to be part of a world record.