Residents of North Craven have been taking part in a survey aimed at helping Craven District Council form future plans for open spaces.

Those living in villages and towns, including Low and High Bentham, Clapham, Burton-in-Lonsdale and Austwick, have been asked for their views on open spaces, including recreation grounds, play areas and allotments.

The online survey will help the council understand the needs and aspirations of its residents.

There are also plans to expand the survey to other parts of the district.

Bruce Dinsmore, project officer, said: “We organised the survey to find out what our residents in North Craven think of the parks and gardens, allotments, play areas, cemeteries and civic spaces in their area.

“The outcomes will help us to evaluate the provision and quality of open space in North Craven and to shape our New Local Plan for future land use to meet economic, environmental and social goals.”

He said the council was planning to extend the survey to other areas of Craven in the future.