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A party of educationalists from Finland has been sharing experiences and knowledge with Craven College.

The party, including principals, heads of sports departments and teachers, spent four days in Craven on a European Union funded trip aimed at further developing partnerships.

The college already has a strong partnership with the particular area of Finland through its sports and football academy Leonardo da Vinci Mobility Programme.

The visitors, from the Finnish border close to Russia, were interested in sharing good practice in education in general and with a special focus on sport and how it is integrated into the curriculum and community.

They stayed in Skipton and as well as looking closely at the work of the college, visited Skipton Castle and took the route to be used by the Grand Depart of the Tour de France in July.

They met Craven District Council chief executive Paul Shevlin and representatives of the area's schools.

Mette Godenhjelm, education department director, Kotka, said the education system was very different in FInland.

"Academic and vocational study is not totally integrated together, " she said.

"It has been very interesting to see how the curriculum and sport is taught here and the difference and similarities in our systems.

"We enjoyed a visit to Malham Tarn where Craven students held their recent Track Attack cycle challenge event showing us how students link their academic learning to organise real events and experiences."

Ms Godenhjelm said they had had wanted to visit Craven College because of the way it worked with schools and partners including South Craven School, Aireville School and Keighley Cougars.

"They are very good at it and we've been given a very warm and friendly welcome by everyone we have met," she said.

Luke Swindlehurst, the college's Leonardo programme co-ordinator and football tutor, said the delegation appeared to enjoy themselves.

"They enjoyed the programme we put together for them and appreciated the different elements of education and partnership and also having a flavour of the Yorkshire Dales scenery - so different from their part of the world."

A party of Craven sports students and staff is due to visit Kotka for three weeks in June.