ORGANISERS of Sutton Fun Day say they desperately need more volunteers to come forward to help make this Sunday's event a success.

Co-ordinator Christine Young said the day normally attracts about 4,500 people, but warned that there were currently only 15 people available to stage the event.

"It would be nice to get another 15," she added. "The people we do have will be on the field from 6am to 10pm without a break.

"We now won't be getting any police help with the road closures and we have no council funding.

"It's a big ask to expect the handful of people we do have to run the procession, manage the closures, set up in the field, clear up afterwards, run the catering marquee and take the gate money.

"People don't want this event to stop, but if we don't get the support we need how long can we go on for? We're all getting older!"

People willing to help out at the fun day should call Mrs Young on 01535 636639 or 07879 492752.