IT is hoped that Keep Clear markings will solve parking problems near a 'dangerous' junction in Cowling.

Parish clerk Andrew Mallinson said Keep Clear markings were to be installed at Lane Ends Lane, off the busy A6068.

He said Lane Ends Lane had been plagued by parking problems which were creating difficulties for both drivers and pedestrians.

Mr Mallinson said: "There are different vehicles and a number of vans that park in the area making it into a dangerous junction to enter and exit."

He also said that vehicles parking on the pavement had forced pedestrians to walk into the road.

Mr Mallinson said that the parish council had written letters to residents, requesting they parked in a courteous manner.

"This has worked, but there are also visitors and tradespeople who don't know or understand the problems.

"A lot of vehicles drive at excessive speeds around there and there have been a number of collisions at that location.

"The A6068 is a long straight road in and out of Yorkshire, and the parish council would like to see reduced speed limits on it."

Mr Mallinson said that North Yorkshire County Council would install Keep Clear markings at the junction, but this would not be done until after road re-surfacing works are completed in September.