A BUSINESSMAN has been jailed for 14 months for three offences relating to a violent incident in Keighley.

Grant Doyle, 32, was convicted for assault occasioning actual bodily harm, dangerous driving in a silver Audi A5 and having two blades articles – two knives – in North Street.

Doyle suspected Ricky Middleton, a builder, was responsible for the theft of an iPad and criminal damage at Doyle's business property he was having improved with a view to expanding his firm, Bradford Crown Court was told on Friday.

Doyle made continued calls to the police regarding allegations of criminal damage and theft at his business but the matter was not taken any further, which "frustrated" him.

By chance, Doyle spotted Middleton outside Flames Pizza Bar in North Street on January 3 this year, he took the two knives out of his car to confront him but Middleton ran up the street.

Unable to catch him on foot, Doyle threw one of the knives up the street towards Middleton in "an act of frustration". But he then returned to his car to chase after Middleton in his vehicle.

Middleton's friend, Jamie Smith, stood in front of Doyle's Audi to prevent him from driving off. Mr Smith was then thrown on to the bonnet of the car.

Prosecuting, Camille Moorland said: "Doyle was on bail for offences of threatening behaviour when he committed these offences on January 3.

"He got out of the silver Audi he was driving and took two knives out, one was a kitchen knife of between four and five inches and the other was a two-inch pocket knife.

"Doyle said he was 'going to get' Middleton."

Doyle, of Airedale View, Cross Hills, who pleaded guilty to the charges at an earlier hearing, was also disqualified from driving for 18 months.

Judge Jonathan Rose told him: "You had in your mind that Middleton was getting away with what you believe he had done to your business. It excuses not one jot what you did.

"You happened on Middleton and Smith entirely accidentally. You did not go out to look for them. After that, your behaviour was appalling, it was unforgivable and not justified by what happened before. You should have just gone away.

"You took the law into your own hands. I think you have a problem with your behaviour.

"It's my view that you have plied your mind to this situation that you were going to get Middleton. You were going to do violence to him."