Visitors to a special First World War event at The Great Yorkshire Show can have a go at being a war reporter and explore their own relatives’ links to the conflict.

BBC Yorkshire will host the BBC World War One At Home Live Event when it appears at The Great Yorkshire Show, in Harrogate, from 8 to 10 July 2014. The special event will reflect the dramatic impact the war had on families and communities across Yorkshire and help visitors to explore their own relatives’ links to the war.

BBC World War One At Home Live is family-friendly and includes hands-on activities, performances and interactive sessions. The events are intended to bring to life the World War One At Home stories that listeners will have heard on their BBC Local Radio stations across the country this year.

Visitors will be able to make their own ID Permits and meet experts from Imperial War Museums to find out more about ** Lives of the First World War and how they can help piece together their First World War connections and create a permanent digital memorial. They will hear interviews with BBC personalities and local experts, and explore activities and other aspects of wartime life in The Pals Tent.

The BBC has teamed up with various local partners for the event, including Scarborough Museum Trust and Sheffield University Medical Department, whose work on medics at war will highlight clinical advances made at the time. Academics including Jessica Meyer, Kate Vigurs and Robb Robinson will also attend.

Helen Thomas, Head of BBC Yorkshire & Lincolnshire, says: “We hope that the live event will give people a fascinating look at everyday life in Yorkshire during the war.

“Local experts will talk about events here 100 years ago. Leeds Museums and Galleries will examine service medals and recreate some modern day versions, and York Museum Trust will even be re-enacting recruitment drills with our visitors!”

There are admission charges to The Great Yorkshire Show but the BBC World War One At Home Live Event’s activities are free of charge visit for further details. World War One At Home is featuring 1,400 stories on BBC Local Radio and online about life on the Home Front.