The MP for West Craven has intervened to help resolve a long-running safety concern in Barnoldswick.

Pendle MP Andrew Stephenson was recently contacted by residents of Westgate concerned about children using a steep grass bank opposite their homes as a shortcut.

A section of wall at the top of the banking was removed some time ago and local residents said children often run down the makeshift path and are unable to stop when reaching the bottom, running directly onto the road.

Having witnessed this a number of times, residents who were extremely concerned that a serious accident was waiting to happen, raised the issue with Pendle Council without success.

Following contact from the residents, Mr Stephenson raised this issue with Pendle and arranged for an inspection to take place. The issue is now being resolved.

Stephen Barnes, chief executive of Pendle Council, said: “The council’s property team have met with the residents of Westgate to review the damage to the wall and the grass banking.

"As a consequence, works to make good the damaged wall have been ordered. After the works have been done the council will also construct a length of fencing to prevent people climbing over the wall and using the banking as a shortcut.

"All of this work should be completed before the end of June.”

Mr Stephenson said: “I am pleased that this long running situation looks like it will now be resolved.”