COUNCILLORS have spoken out against the possible loss of a police sergeant's post in Barnoldswick.

At last Tuesday's West Craven Area Committee meeting, it was revealed Lancashire Constabulary is carrying out a review which could result in the elimination of a West Craven neighbouring policing sergeant's post, currently occupied by Sergeant Kim De Curtis.

"Kim's post is due to be abolished and not replaced," said Cllr David Whipp, who represents Barnoldswick's Craven ward. "Her duties will be covered by a sergeant in another part of Pendle.

"This is wholly unacceptable anywhere, but particularly in West Craven where we're out on a limb."

Councillors are also worried that the review could result in the loss of further police officer or police community support officer jobs in West Craven.

"The West Craven Neighbourhood Policing Team is quite good, but they are short on numbers.

"This is a very serious issue," said Cllr Whipp. "We should be sending a message loud and clear that we've got a police office in Barnoldswick that is virtually redundant because there won't be any police officers working there."

Earby ward councillor Morris Horsfield: "We've have the same sort of issues in Earby. These cuts go on and on and there seems to be nothing that we can do about it."

Sergeant Kim De Curtis acknowledged the review was taking place and told committee members that her post could be eliminated.

"There is a review because so many millions have to be saved," said Sgt De Curtis. "I'm pretty sure neighbourhood policing will be hit.

"There are three sergeants in Pendle and it will probably be me to go."

Barnoldswick councillor Jennifer Purcell, vice chairman of the West Craven Area Committee, said: "We would be losing a good officer. Once again we'd like to thank you for your effort."

Lancashire Constabulary Superintendent Julian Platt said: “Lancashire Constabulary is conducting a scoping exercise to realise further savings. This review involves all posts within each division and headquarters.

"However, at this stage no options have been agreed and all options would be subject to public consultation. We will ensure that the West Craven Area Committee is part of this consultation.

"Please rest assured that any savings that are made will have the public of Lancashire at the centre.”