FOR what is believed to be the first time in history, a bishop will be enthroned in the same cathedral for a second time.

Having laid down his staff of office as Bishop of Bradford on Easter Day, Bishop Nick Baines will again knock on the door of the Cathedral next Thursday, July 17, at 7pm at the start of a service that will see him enthroned as the first Bishop of Leeds.

Along with the enthronements taking place in Wakefield and Ripon, the service marks the beginning of Bishop Nick’s public ministry as Diocesan Bishop in West Yorkshire and the Dales.

Leading the service will be the Dean of Bradford, the Very Rev Jerry Lepine.

He said: “We shall enjoy welcoming Bishop Nick for the second time. These occasions are always an uplifting experience but on July 17 we are celebrating a new diocesan bishop in a new diocese with three cathedrals. We are going somewhere that the Church of England has never been before and that feels very exciting and different.”