A COWLING man is looking to set up a book swap library at a disused phone box in the village.

Villager Paul Cross, 28, of Colne Road, has persuaded Cowling Parish Council to purchase the old BT phone box opposite the village shop on Keighley Road so he can restore it and turn it into a swap shop for books.

Paul, who would like the phone box to retain its red colour, said: "Externally it needs rubbing down and re-painting. A few of the windows also need replacing."

Once the phone box is restored, book shelves could then be installed and stocked with books, which Paul is hoping will be donated by members of the community.

"I'll be asking for donations of books," he said. "I'll go through them and put select ones covering a wide range of genres."

Using an honours system, people could then access the phone box and borrow a book and swap it with one of their own.

"I've seen this project done in other places, and I think it would be a fantastic little project for Cowling.

"I quite like the old phone boxes," said Paul. "It would be a shame to lose them.

"I understand this would give the phone box a stay of execution as BT is trying to get rid of these phone boxes and they would offload it to the parish council for £1."

The Cowling Parish Council will be responsible for its phone box's maintenance.

Cowling parish clerk Andrew Mallinson said that the box might also be used as a community noticeboard.

Anyone who would like to make a book donation is asked to contact Paul by visiting facebook.com/cowlingswapshop, email pakcross@gmail.com or ring 07899 990979.