THE annual Clogfest was bathed in sunshine on Saturday as 170 dancers and musicians enjoyed their celebration in Skipton.

There were enthusiastic comments about Albion Place as a new venue this year.

Organiser Paul Hudson said: "It has much potential for busking and small performances of dance, music and drama.

"Many performers also commented on the quality and freshness of the refurbished toilets in Coach Street car park. These are important facilities for visitors, and can only add to Skipton’s appeal to tourists."

The festive atmosphere of Le Tour was still in evidence, and helped to make visitors welcome. Dancers enjoyed performing at the canal basin where each one of 20 groups had their turn in the spotlight.

The organisers asked guests how they could improve the festival and the overwhelming response was “keep it in Skipton and keep the canal basin open as a performance venue”.

The festival was supported by Copper Dragon Brewery and Skipton Castle.