A manager from a care home in Grassington is today urging older people living alone in the community to take extra care in the hot weather.

With temperatures expected to reach 32 degrees in parts of the country, Andrea Smith, from Anchor’s Gills Top in Scar Street will be taking extra steps to ensure that her staff and residents are staying cool and keeping hydrated in the heat.

Andrea said risks of dehydration and heat stroke among older people are high in the hot weather.

She said: “Anchor is urging the wider community to keep a close eye on elderly neighbours and their older relatives who may live alone and are more vulnerable in the heat.

“We recommend older people stay hydrated and keep out of the sunlight as much as possible. In these temperatures it’s important to avoid caffeinated drinks as they are dehydrating. Drink plenty of cold fluids like water and fruit juices.

“Try to avoid hot meals where possible and instead eat salads and fruit, as these foods are water based so will help you stay hydrated.”

For more information on Gills Top, contact 0845 140 2020.

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