STRANGE happenings have been taking place around Settle.

Flowerpot people and animals have appeared across the town - at businesses, churches, schools, front gardens, back gardens and public areas. In fact, nowhere has been safe from the invasion of flowerpots!

The Flowerpot Festival is the latest initiative of the Vibrant Settle community partnership and will run until the end of August.

Steve Amphlett, local business owner and chairman of Vibrant Settle, said: "The response from all parts of our community has been absolutely fantastic. We thought that, in this first year of the festival, we may have perhaps 20 displays. In fact there are well over 150 with more appearing everyday."

And fellow organiser Tony Hardwick said: "We wanted to brighten up the town over the summer months and give our locals and visitors something to make them smile. The many happy faces in Settle are testament to our achievement of this goal."

Carol Lay, owner of a Settle garden centre and a member of the flowerpot team, added: "We have been amazed at the creativity and humour that has been sparked by the flowerpots. As well as a whole army of flowerpot people we have flowerpot dragons, dogs, cats, cows, elephants, lizards, peacocks, pigs, rabbits, bees, tigers, lions, a huge spider, T-Rex and a wonderful Nessie!"

Pictures of the Flowerpots can be viewed at