MEMBERS of the Skipton Friendship Group soon forgot their aching legs after climbing 94 spiral stairs to the top of the tower at Holy Trinity Church, Skipton.

The views stretched for miles in all directions and included the Pendle Hills, all bathed in the setting sunlight of a late July evening.

The visit was one of the recent events in the group's varied programme of activities and was enjoyed by 14 members.

Their guide for the evening was Chris Wright, the Tower Captain. His 90-minute tour began in the Ringing Chamber, where he gave a detailed and fascinating explanation of how the bells are rung and some of the special occasions on which the Holy Trinity Band has rung peals (which take about three hours), including the Queen's Golden and Diamond Jubilees.

The group then moved further up the tower to see the clock and its workings as well as the eight bells before reaching the top, which stands at a height of more than 80 feet. Here the views were enjoyed whilst Chris continued his talk which moved on to include the geography of what could be seen, as well as fascinating insights of local history.

The tower is open to the public on every Bank Holiday, as well as other occasions such as the church garden party in July and during town centre events such as Sheep Day. It will next be open on Monday, August 25.