LAST Sunday evening Eldroth Church held its annual songs for a summer evening once again.

This lovely little church brought together some 17 very talented local people with songs, music, poetry and ad lib for an excellent evening of entertainment.

Praise must go to some of the quite young children for their musical talent with solos with flute, recorder and accordion, whilst some older people chose the guitar, violin or organ, with music ranging from Debussy and Bach to music recently performed at a world premiere, whilst Eldroth also had its own premiere of music and lyrics by local artists. There was poetry and songs to commemorate the two world wars that may have been sung by the solders or said by there loved ones back home.

At the interval every one was invited outside for a glass of wine or fruit juice and sample some of the vast array of canapes with a great deal of fellowship catching up with the old friends and making new ones.