ROADS in Barnoldswick and Earby are set to have ‘structural repairs’ in the next few weeks,

Through routes, Skipton Road in Barnoldswick and Bleara Road in Earby, will have the repairs carried out together with several quieter roads in the area.

“The structural repairs will involve cutting out worn sections of carriageway, permanently patching the area and coating with surface dressing,” said West Craven county councillor David Whipp, who has campaigned for the repairs. “It’s hoped that this will stop the rot on these roads. The treatment is part of a long term preventative maintenance programme to put the county’s roads right.

“I’m delighted that important roads in West Craven are amongst the first to be done under the new scheme. Skipton Road has been crumbling away for the last few years and highway staff have had to carry out fire fighting repairs each winter. Fingers crossed this work should provide a decent surface for several years without more potholes developing.

“The new highway repair scheme will also see £1 million a year extra spent on pavement repairs."

Work is due to start this month on the repairs.