THE creation of a county-wide community safety partnership has been reluctantly agreed by Craven councillors.

Councillors expressed concern they had been forced into moving to a North Yorkshire Community Safety Partnership.

It was feared the move from the previous Craven based Community Safety Partnership would have an impact on the area's low crime rate.

But despite concerns and attempts to reject the proposal completely, it was agreed to move to a single CSP, but with a Craven local delivery team.

Cllr Chris Knowles-Fitton, leader of Craven District Council told members at last week's full council meeting he understood concerns but believed the council had little choice.

He added it was important that an elected member be included in the CSP and he hoped that would help allay some fears.

But Cllr Robert Heseltine said just because there was little choice did not mean the council had to ac cept it.

And Cllr Philip Barrett feared it was a retrograde step and would remove the democratic accountability.

"We have been driven into a corner and I think it is wrong," he said.

Police and Crime Commissioner, Julia Mulligan, has already met with the council's Select Committee when she explained the reasoning behind the single CSP.

At the time, she said the single organisation would mean greater efficiency and economy and would create more opportunities to benefit and help communities.

She added that funding for the CSPs came directly from the police budget and that she was responsible for its correct use.

Answerable to the public, she said she needed to know that money was being spent correctly, and raised the issue of previous spending by the Craven CSP on a campaign which went out on a radio station.