SETTLE College students achieved their best ever results, despite a declining trend in results nationally.

Record numbers of students achieved the top grades in A-levels and vocational courses, with 50 per cent achieving A*, A and B and equivalent grades – an 11per cent improvement on 2013 - and 98 per cent A* to E pass rate.

The average point score per student increased by 91 points from 2013. Most students achieved their first-choice placements at university.

Head girl Amber Duxbury, having just returned from a World Challenge Expedition to Sri Lanka, was delighted with her C grades in history and psychology and a distinction* in sports studies.

She said: "I can’t wait to begin my life at university and start studying physical education and outdoor studies at Leeds Metropolitan University."

Jessica Edwards, who achieved an A* in English literature and an A in performing arts and mathematics, said: "This time last year I wouldn’t have believed that I could ever get these grades. I have had the best years of my life at Settle College. I can’t wait to go to university.’

Jack Northrop, who is taking a gap year, achieved an A in history and psychology, a B in English language and a grade B in the extended project qualification. He said: "I am very happy with my results. I was very nervous about how I would do but I am thrilled."

Alex Tarbox, who also participated in the World Challenge expedition to Sri Lanka, achieved an A in history, a B in Spanish and a D in physics and is going on to study Spanish and Chinese at the University of Manchester.

"I feel as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and the doors to my future have been opened," he said.

Principal Michele Costello said: "Settle College continues to flourish and grow stronger. We are absolutely delighted to be celebrating record results this year. We encourage all students to strive to be the best they can be and we could not be prouder of their achievements this year, especially at a time where they have been faced with so many changes to the examination system.

"My immense thanks go to staff, governors and parents whose tireless efforts on behalf of the students and whose loyalty and commitment to the school are of immeasurable value. It is lovely to see so many happy faces and we wish our Year 13 leavers every success as they move onto exciting new challenges.’

Enrolment for the sixth form will take place today from 10am. For further information on sixth form courses, contact assistant principal Gareth Whitaker at or visit

Year 12: B Ashcroft dt, cope; E Baker py, ea, fa; K Beresford py*, el, hi; S Beresford py, fa; J Brennand ch, ma, bi, cz; R Brennand ch, ph, ma, bi, cz; J Brooks cope: L Capstick gy, py, bi, ecbu;

G Carr btecms, btecss, cope; R Coote py, ea, el, hi; Z Cottam dt; M Craven py, el, fa, hi; A Daggett py, bi, ecbu, cz; J Dawson ch*, ma, bi, hi, cz; N Forster dr; M Foster py, ea, fa, hi; G Gowland btecms, btecss, btecsc, cope; K Heppenstall py, dr*, bi, cz; J Hodgson el, hi; T Hollyhead dr, cope;E Howarth fa, btecsc, cope; L Jarman cope; L Jeffery ch, gy*, bi, hi, cz; M Johnson cope; F Kowalski py, ea, fa, hi;

C Lambert gy, el, fa, dt; E Lindley py, ea, el, hi*, cz; H Lindley ea, el, hi, cz; K Long ph, ma*, bi; A Marshall gy, py, el, ecbu*, cz; M Martin cope; M Maufe ph, ma, fm; M McHale py, el, dr, fa; D Middleton ph*, ma*, bi, cz; S Morphet gy, el, ecbu, cz; M Mosley ea, hi, cz; A Neill py; R Ogden ch, gy*, bi, hi*, cz;

M Orrell dr, hi; T Parkinson dr; M Riley py, ea, el, ecbu; C Robinson CoPE; J Rush-Morgan gy, hi, cope; J Salisbury dt; R Smith ecbu, cope; C Squires ch, ma, bi; C Sutcliffe, fa, dt, cope; L Thwaite ea, hi, btecms; T Ward ch, ea, bi, hi, cz; J Watt ea, el, hi; C Whitaker gy, ma, dt, cz; C Wild hi, btecms; C Willan gy, ecbu, hi; J Wood py, fa, hi; Z Wynne gy, py, cz.

Year 13: L Allan ecbu, btecms, btecit, epq, cz(AS); O Allsopp py, bi, btecss*; P Avison-Fell hi*, dr**, py, epq*, bacc, cz*(AS); H Baines ecbu, btecss*, btecsc, cope; J Bennison pd, ecbu, btecit*; M Beresford pd, bi, py; T Bissett btecss; H Booth ch, bi, ma, cz(AS); A Calvert hi, btecss*, btecsc; K Cartmell-Done ch, hi, bi;m L Charnley btecss, cope; J Clark ch, bi*, ma, scis*(AS), epq, bacc, cz(AS) hi (AS); C Cockerton btecsc, btecit, cope; L Cowburn hi, bi, py; B Dakin hi, ecbu, gy; J Dryden btecsc, py, bi, ch, cz (all AS); L Dugdale py, gy, btecss*; A Duxbury hi, py, btecss*; D Eather hi, dr, btecit*, cz(AS); J Edwards dr*, ma*, el**; B Fell dr, ea, py; R Fulford ecbu(AS), btecsc, btecit; J Gibbs bi, btecss*, btecsc*, dr(AS); E Gilbert ch, hi*, bi*, epq, bacc, cz(AS); L Handy ch, bi, ma; A Hartnell el, sp, fr, cz(AS); C Hayton hi, fa, el, epq, bacc, cz(AS); L Heppenstall dr*, ma, el, cz(AS); K Holgate hi, py, btecss*; B Holmes hi, ecbu, btecms*; R Horsfall dr*, ma, el, cz(AS); W Larmour gy, ecbu (all AS)

B Lee pd, ecbu*; J Lister fa, btecit; A Lord hi, dr, ea, epq; R Louth btecms*, btecit, btecsc; W Lund ch;

G Mackay ecbu, ma, ph, epq; B Maudsley hi, bi, gy, cz(AS); K McNally hi, btecss*, btecsc; J McSharry btecsc*, btecit*, dt(AS), cope; A Morrow hi, fa, bi, cz(AS); J Newhouse cope; R Newhouse dr, ea, btecms; J Northrop hi*, ea, py*, epq, bacc, cz(AS); F Nowell pd, py, btecit*; J Padley ma, ph, gy(AS);

G Pickford bi, ma, ph, cz(AS); J Quintas pg, sp, btecss, btecms; J Rayner ch, bi, py**; L Semple hi, gy, btecms*, btecit*, epq; C Swithenbank ma, ph, btecit*; A Tarbox hi*, sp, ph, ma; G Varley ch, bi, ma*; H Whitaker pd, fa, btecit*; J Whitbread pd, ecbu, btecit; S Wilcock btecit*, gy(AS), dt

L Woodrow ecbu, btecss, btecms, cope.