A DESPERATE man took off in his girlfriend's car intending to kill himself, Skipton magistrates were told.

Scott Wilson, 25, had got into money troubles after moving into a house in Skipton with his girlfriend, the court heard on Friday.

He had returned home after a night out drinking with friends, argued with her and, despite not having passed his driving test, had taken the car without permission.

He was later found by police walking to the car where he had left it in Lynndale Avenue, Cross Hills, having been talked out of harming himself by a friend, the court heard on Friday.

Wilson admitted driving while over the limit on July 26, taking a car without the owner's consent, using a vehicle without insurance and without a full licence.

In mitigation, Keith Blackwell said Wilson had overstretched himself financially after moving in to a house with his long-term girlfriend.

He had been depressed and had gone out for the evening with friends to Bradford. On his return, there had been an argument and he had decided the only way out was suicide.

He had driven without incident to buy some tablets, had abandoned the car and walked to the railway line, said Mr Blackwell.

"He thankfully spoke to a friend on the phone who talked him out of it. He walked back to the car and offered himself up for arrest to the officer."

Wilson was taken to the police station where he was found to have 54 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath. The legal limit is 35.

Mr Blackwell said Wilson was thought of highly by his employers and was working hard to pay off his debts. He was living with his father, in Victoria Street, Sutton-in-Craven. He was banned from driving for 15 months and fined £500, with costs of £85 and a victims surcharge of £50.