QUICK thinking by cafe staff at Skipton Auction Mart's Art in the Pen event kept visitors fed when part of the town was hit by an electricity power cut on Saturday morning.

The cut, which lasted for two hours, would have shut down the cafe if staff had not immediately put gas cookers into operation so they could keep on providing food and drink.

Art in the Pen organiser Andy Lynan said: "We were literally cooking with gas! The cafe staff were quick off the mark to keep things going, and people could still get cold food of course.

"Because there so much metal around on the site our electronic payment machines have to be connected to the telephone lines, which caused a bit of a problem. But our visitors understood there was nothing we could do and everybody was very understanding, so we got through it."

A spokeswoman for Northern Powergrid said that 42 customers had been affected by the cut, which was caused by a "high voltage network problem".

Skipton Railway Station and the town's Morrisons and Tesco stores all have back-up generators which were deployed to keep disruption to a minimum.