SUBSIDENCE of a road has been discovered near an Earby beauty spot.

Councillor Mike Goulthorp (Cons, Earby), who was concerned about overgrown paths near the entrance of Birley Playing Fields, paid a local gardener to cut back weeds from a footpath near the playing fields car park.

After the overgrowth was cleared away, Cllr Goulthorp discovered that a wall supporting an access road to the car park was beginning to subside.

"Once strimmed back I could see that there was subsidence," he said. "There are big cracks in the side and the walls are crumbling. It seems to be caused by cars having to turn around."

Concerned that the subsidence could be dangerous, he and fellow Earby councillor Morris Horsfield contacted Pendle Council.

Tom Partridge, Pendle Council’s countryside access officer, said: “After meeting with Councillors Goulthorp and Horsfield, we visited the area with a contractor to investigate what work was needed to fix the problems with the access road. We’re currently awaiting a price for this work which will include strengthening a retaining wall and resurfacing part of the road.”