When David Ellis lines up to play his bugle in front of Skipton memorial on Poppy Day, in November, he will be feeling great pride.

For beside him will be his 10-year-old great-grand daughter, Megan Atkinson, and his son-in-law, Stuart Cracknell, Megan's grandfather.

The 80-year-old, who has been playing the bugle for 70 years, has taught both of them how to play the instrument.

They are all members of Skipton Branch of the Royal British Legion and along with Paul Coles, will line up in Skipton Parish Church grounds overlooking High Street to play both the Last Post and Reveille.

"I feel very proud. There's just one disappointment - that my daughter Janette, Stuart's wife, who started playing with me in the Cross Hills area and encouraged me to join the British Legion band, has had to give up because of illness."

David started playing bugle as a ten year-old in Bradford and has been playing ever since.

The band's latest performance was at the VJ celebrations in Skipton High Street.