A SILSDEN accordionist is music to the ears of charitable causes across the district.

Derek Steele, 72, boosts the coffers of organisations and appeals with regular stints at Sainsbury's in Keighley.

And, recently, he played to raise money for blind tot Connor Wrighton, whose parents are trying to raise about £13,000 for stem cell treatment overseas.

Derek, who works part-time cleaning the car park at the Cavendish Street supermarket, said: "I read about Connor in the paper and wanted to do something to help.

"I haven't counted up yet but people have been really generous and supportive. The response has been good.

"I taught myself to play the accordion years ago and if I can use it to raise a bit of money for charity that's great."

Connor’s parents, Lisa and Nathan Wrighton, of Skipton, hope the stem cell treatment will give the eight-month-old tot some eyesight.

Derek has also raised funds for young Keighley cancer sufferer Callum Ingham, who may need treatment abroad, and charities including the Huntington’s Disease Society.