STUDENTS of the new Skipton Academy can expect to be challenged if they fail to turn up on its first day without the proper uniform.

The former Aireville School will reopen on Tuesday, with academy status and new name and uniform.

Gone will be the old navy blue sweatshirt and in its place a smart black blazer featuring the academy crest.

Ties for Years Seven to Nine will have a red stripe, while there will be a silver stripe for years Ten and 11.

All 433 students have been supplied with blazers and ties – at a cost of between £30 and £37 – by the new Craven Educational Trust.

The remainder of the uniform includes regulation white shirts, black tailored trousers, black pleated skirts, and sensible black shoes.

Principal Wendy Hamilton said: “I want this school to be the best it can be, for students to be proud of where they are and for the people of Skipton to be proud of the Skipton Academy.”

Ms Hamilton said it was a sensible and practical uniform and any student who fell short of the academy’s high expectations would be challenged.

“A high standard of personal appearance is just one of the things expected of all our students,” she said. “They are ambassadors for themselves and for the academy in the community.

“The uniform and dress code will encourage learning in school, enable students to be comfortable and ensure all feel welcome and protected from social pressures to dress in a particular way.”

The new uniform has been selected with the help of students and with support from parents.

“I would like to thank all the student council who contributed to the style of the uniform and to parents who support the uniform policy by ensuring their young people come to school in the correct uniform,” added Ms Hamilton.

Following its conversion from a school, Skipton Academy no longer comes under the control of North Yorkshire County Council, but the newly formed Craven Educational Trust.

The trust is sponsored by Craven College and is chaired by Alan Halsall, who is chairman of Broughton-based Silver Cross.