A ROW over who is responsible for dealing with problem standing water on a Skipton road has erupted.

Residents have demanded urgent action by Yorkshire Housing to to tackle the dirty water outside the social landlord's only rental home on the Burnside Avenue cul-de-sac.

But Yorkshire Housing chiefs say it may be the responsibility of the highways department to do the work rather than them.

One of the affected residents, Tony Hennigan, said the problem needed to be addressed "sooner rather than later".

He explained: "Every time it rains there is flooding and it is progressively getting worse because the water cannot drain away. It's bad enough now but it can only get even worse with winter coming.

"Yorkshire Housing's previous tenants dug out an area on their drive but now the water simply runs off on to mine and stays there. I have seen young children playing in it - this needs dealing with quickly.

"It's affecting everybody on the road. It cost me £6,000 and a lot of effort to do my driveway, so to see it like this through no fault of my own is very annoying. And it's taking a lot of time to be resolved."

A spokesman for Yorkshire Housing said it had agreed to do the work as a matter of urgency.

He said: "This three square metres area of land has some minor disrepair to tarmac. Water is gathering there.

"We are investigating the area of land in question to ascertain responsibility of ownership. We visited the property week commencing August 18 and explained this to Mr Hennigan’s partner.

"We contacted and spoke with Mr Hennigan on Monday, August 25, to explain our position and that we are making inquiries to the ownership of the land.

"Regardless of whether Yorkshire Housing is responsible or not for the land in question, we will patch the disrepair for health and safety reasons, by the end of the week."