CRAVEN train enthusiasts will have to wait until the summer to see one of Britain’s best-loved steam locomotives, the Flying Scotsman, pass through the area.
It had been due to haul the winter Cumbrian Mountain Express over the 72-mile Settle-Carlisle Railway on Saturday following the locomotive's £4.2 million restoration.
The pre-launch run was expected to be culmination of ten years hard work, ahead of its official re-launch next month.
However, the Railway Touring Company, which runs the Mountain Express, said the Flying Scotsman - the world’s first 100mph steam locomotive - would no longer be coming as it had encountered brake problems during a test run earlier this week.
The train will now be hauled by two Black 5'S 44871 and 45407.
A company spokesman said the Flying Scotsman would be used for other tours later in the year and would be in action on the Settle-Carlisle line on Sunday, July 10.