CHILDREN visiting Skipton Castle over Easter had the chance to visit with a 'historical character' who lived during the English Civil War.

The character of castle governor, Sir John Mallory, played by Paul Mackintosh, told children stories about Skipton Castle, its characters, costumes, food and drink, as well as its siege and skirmishes.

Michelle Fattorini, spokesman for Skipton Castle, said: "Visitors enjoyed taking a step back in time to meet a fascinating character, Sir John Mallory, the governor of Skipton Castle during the English Civil War.

"We think it's an interesting way to learn and engage with history, especially for children. Visitors could hear his stories or ask any questions about his favourite food and drink, the fashion at the time and the latest political developments outside of the stone walls during this time, as the castle was experiencing a three-year siege."

Next month, the re-enactment group, The Red Wyverns, will be re-creating a medieval campsite within the grounds of Skipton Castle from May 27 to 29.

The Red Wyverns Garrison will also demonstrate their arms and armour and explain what life was like during Medieval times.