A SKIPTON charity's work with autistic children is being highlighted following on from Autism Awareness Month.

SELFA have been working very closely with autistic children for close to ten years, running after-school clubs, holiday clubs, residentials and day trips.

Although April was Autism Awareness Month, every Tuesday at SELFA Sam Pickard and Caspar Bean run AUsome club, a social skills club for children for whom social skills do not come naturally.

Struggling with social interaction and having difficulties grasping social skills is often associated with autism, and both the parents and children are very grateful for the work that the SELFA staff do.

AUsome club gives opportunities for autistic children to meet new people, make friends and learn skills in a structured environment. There are eight boys who regularly attend AUsome club.

Jacob Hudson, a 14-year-old boy with high-functioning autism and Aspergers syndrome, has been with SELFA since the beginning of the charity in 2007.

He has told SELFA they have helped reduce the number of his fears from 78 to “about five”.

In the time that Jacob has been with SELFA, he has developed a fantastic relationship with the staff, feeling comfortable enough to share his thoughts and concerns.

The core values of SELFA are happiness, self-esteem and future wellbeing for young people across the Craven area.