BONNIE The Amazing Reading Dog has become a regular guest at Sutton Community Primary School.

Head Fiona Beetles said that Bonnie, accompanied by her human friend Alison, had become a popular new member of staff.

She said: “Bonnie loves stories and so will be visiting our school every fortnight so that children can read to her.

“It’s amazing how some children who are shy when reading to humans just love to read to Bonnie.”

Bonnie is provided by the Pets As Therapy (PAT) charity.

A spokesman said: “Research shows that young people can become nervous and stressed when reading to others in a group. However, when a PAT Dog enters the group, they often become less stressed, less self-conscious and more confident as the dogs are non-judgemental.

“Before long the young people are starting to look forward to the reading experience as they are going to read to their new friend. PAT Dogs provide comfort, encourage positive social behaviours, enhance self-esteem, motivate speech and inspire young people to have fun.”