READER Syd Smith thought last week's Craven Curiosity was a knurr and spell - a competitive game once widely played across Craven, while Michael Lindsay, from Steeton, thought it might be a plumb bob, used in building and DIY. It was in fact a whipping top, or whip and top. Experts at Craven Museum and Gallery tell us whipping tops consist of a wooden top which is attached to a stick by a piece of string. The top is spun by wrapping the string around the body of the top and then launching. The stick enables the rotation of the top to be maintained by whipping the side of the top. "The toys are popular all over the world. In Japan they have a similar type of top called a Koma, with each city having a unique design. In Latin America they are called Trompos, where championships are held in countries like Mexico, Peru and Cuba." The whipping top can be seen at the museum, in Skipton Town Hall.

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