THE CLASS Dojo is allowing Glusburn parents to check how their children are behaving in school.

Parents of pupils at Glusburn Community Primary School can log on to an online system from home to see how staff are rating their offspring for behaviour.

The Class Dojo is the centrepiece of several changes introduced by the school following a review of its behaviour policy with children, parents and staff.

School head Richard Hunt said the Dojo was an interactive system to promote and monitor behaviour.

He said: “It is an online system that makes it easy for parents to engage in their child’s behaviour by allowing staff to instantly share success and concerns with just one click!

“Each pupil is assigned an avatar to represent them. They demonstrate positive behaviours, staff can simply click on the avatar on their ipad, choose the appropriate behaviour from a list, and award the child a positive Green Dojo Point.”

Points are awarded for being a good citizen, teamwork, exceptional manners, fantastic work and amazing contributions.

Parents can access their child’s Dojo account anytime, and they are sent messages detailing their child’s behaviour.

Mr Hunt added: “The great part about Class Dojo is the fact that it provides parents with current and specific information regarding their child’s behaviour in school.”

The school has appointed Dojo Ambassadors to run a shop, where children can bank their positive Dojo points and trade them in for rewards and prizes such as stationery.

Mr Hunt said: “This will encourage good behaviour and give children an understanding of value and finance; whether to spend their points or save for a greater prize from the shop - being aware of inflation!”

Each class will have a weekly Dojo Points Champion, and there is a Class Dojo League Table with the winning class receiving a special reward for positive behaviour.