POLICE arrested five people in just one night as part of its summer anti drugs and drink-driving campaign.

The Operation Attention campaign arrests were made across the county, from Scarborough to Skipton, between 5.15pm on Wednesday and 9.40am on Thursday.

Three were arrested on suspicion of drink driving and two for suspected drug driving.

Police say almost 20 per cent of those arrested for drink driving were allegedly three times over the legal limit of 35 microgrammes per 100 millilitres of breath.

Sergeant Andy Morton, of North Yorkshire Police, said: “We have reached the halfway point of this summer’s operation and so far, everything indicates towards the fact we are going to see the alarming trend of drivers being multiple times the legal limit continuing throughout this year’s campaign.

“We’re not talking about people being a few micrograms over the limit. 55 per cent of the arrests we have made, are drivers who are at least double the legal limit, with the highest reading so far being provided by a 36-year-old man from Leeds who blew 136 microgrammes – just under four times the limit."

He added: “With good weather forecast for the weekend, I’m sure we will unfortunately see more instances of people not listening to the warnings and heading out for a few drinks, or taking drugs and sadly getting behind the wheel. As ever, North Yorkshire Police Roads Policing Group will be patrolling the regions roads and will be alert to the tell-tale signs of drink or drug driving. Those drivers who continue to put themselves and others at risk – please consider yourself warned. We are equipped to locate and arrest you and we will prosecute you.”