OCCASIONAL wet weather in neighbouring Settle and Gargrave did not affect Saturday's 48th Hellifield Gala, which was blessed with sunshine and clouds, but no rain.

Gala Queen Leah Stanford was crowned on the gala field, with attendants Emily Atkinson, Molly Chapman-Boyle, Jonty Capstick and Jamie Allan, followed by a procession and the judging of the fancy dress competition by John and Frances Flitcroft.

Within the marquee, entertainment was provided by local singers Ian and Jane, and refreshments were provided by members of the Women's Institute.

Gala-goers got the chance to meet animals from Hart Farm, including alpacas, goats and a donkey, while there was also a display of snakes and spiders. Children were entertained by Circus Jim, and there was also a display of vintage cars, a fun fair, and a wide variety of stalls on the field.

The ever-popular Junior and Senior Fell Races took place followed by the annual Village Sports events, with the compere for both events Skipton's 'Mr Sport' Roger Ingham. In the evening there revellers Dale's Mini Disco, and Mix Disco to finish off the event, which had been kicked off in style on the Friday evening by a 'Hellifield's Got Talent' show in the marquee.


Fancy dress

Boys and girls 5 and under, 1 two peas in a pod, Dylan and Ewan Outhwaite 2. Spiderman Jayden Baron 3. British Summer Time, Thea Harden. Boys and girls 6-11 years 1. Bring me Sunshine Tegan Stead 2. Cheerleader Faye Cooper. Adult 12 years and over 1. Three bird roast Angela Dakin Julie Proctor Diane Proctor. Best decorated cycle 1. Tour of Hellifield Dylan Proctor. Best decorated pram 1. Woman's Work is Never Done Eliza Dakin. Best decorated umbrella up to 7 years 1. Frog on a Pond Amber Dugdale 2. Raining cats and dogs Isla Metcalfe;

7 and over 1. Bring me sunshine Tegan Stead 2. Buttons and Bows Sheila Swinbank. Groups of three or more Three bird roast Angela Dakin Julie Proctor Diane Proctor. Open Class You are the cutest of the litter Dixie read and Betsy Marsden; Best Overall Eliza Dakin Women's Work is Never Done (pram).

Sports Results

Boys and girls flat race three years and under 1. Jaydon Baron 2. Elliott Newhouse 3. Hollie Carson. Boys and girls flat race 4 and 5 years 1. Charlie Headley 2. Joe Allan 3. Dylan Outhwaite. Boys and girls flat race 6,7,8 years 1. Kian Stanford 2. Dylan Jones 3. Faye Cooper. Boys and girls flat race 9,10,11. 1. Seth Toye 2. Hattie Bishop 3. Archie Budding.

Boys and girls flat races 12 - 15 years 1. Holly Davy 2. Sam Headley 3. Poppy Anderson. Boys and girls egg and spoon 3 to 4 years 1. Jaydon Baron 2. Sophie Jones 3 Joe Allan. Boys and girls egg and spoon 5,6,and 7 years 1. Seren Toye; 2. Charlotte Chapman 3. Kian Stanford. Boys and girls egg and spoon 8, 9 ,10 years 1. Archie Budding 2. Tom Hooper 3. Seth Toye. Boys and girls sack race 7,8,9 years 1. Maisy Bellwood 2. Jack Sanderson 3. Kian Stanford. Boys and girls sack race 10,11 and 12 years 1. Addison Willis 2. Andrew Robinson 3. Hannah Robinson. Boys and girls wheelbarrow race 6,7,8 years 1 Faye Cooper/Millie Cairns 2. Kian Stanford/Austin Mattisson; 3. Rosie Braithwaite/Betsy Willis. Boys and girls wheelbarrow race 1. Addison Willis/Owen Thompson 2. Andrew and Hannah Robinson 3. Amily Lane/Hattie Bishop. Boys and girls 3 legged race 6 - 9 years 1. Lucca Powell/Tom Hooper 2. Faye Cooper/Millie Cairns 3. Kian Stanford/Charlie Walker. Ladies flat race 1. Josie Capstick 2. Amanda Bellwood 3. Joanne Brown. Gents flat race 1. Joe Dillon; 2. Adrian Toye 3. Gavin O'Connor. Ladies and gents piggy back 1. Adrian Toye/Kate Rogers 2. Tim Bellwood/Bren Mclean 3. Andy and Julia Hooper. Junior egg catching Hattie Bishop/Amily Lane. Ladies and gents egg catching Gary Rayner/Chris Wallbank. Ladies and gents 3 legged race 1. Scott Hardacre/Jane Capstick 2. Robert and Nicola Budding 3. Andy Hooper and Julia Hooper. Guess the weight of the marrow Moira Hanning, who guessed 6lb 10oz - just a quarter of an ounce out from the correct weight.