TERESA Shuttleworth, originally from a small village in Pakistan, has been living in England for the last 16 years. She now teaches people how to cook traditional Asian cuisine. Here, she shares with us one of her favourite recipes.

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KEEMA Daal, a mince and lentil dish is another very traditional Asian dish. Lentils are cooked in most Pakistani villages by families at least three times every week.

This is because dry lentils are easy to store for people living in villages. They can keep them in their houses for months with other dry foods, saving them from making the journey into cities to buy food. In Pakistani villages, it is still very much the case that people live in extended families, with children, parents, grandparents, grandchildren and great grandchildren, even some uncles and aunties, all living together in the same house. This dish is perfect for the larger families as you can make gravy with this dish which means it goes long way and everyone gets fed. It is also a simple, easy to cook, healthy and absolutely delicious recipe

Keema Daal (to serve four)


250g minced beef

125g yellow lentils

One onion

2 tblesp cooking oil

Half cm fresh ginger

2 bulbs fresh garlic

Half tin chopped tomatoes

Quarter tspn chilli powder

Quarter tspn turmeric

Half tspn ground gram masala

Salt to taste

Fresh coriander to garnish.


1 Boil the lentils in plenty of water. Drain the water and put the lentils to the side. (You can always boil the lentils day before and put them in the fridge to use the next day or boil and freeze and use them as you need them).

2 Brown the onions in the cooking oil.

3 Add the mince and cook until mince is brown.

4 Make a paste by adding the ginger, garlic and chopped tomatoes in the blender. (You can always make a paste and freeze it in small plastic containers to use whenever you need it. It is a good time saving tactic)

5 Add chilli powder, salt, ground gram masala, turmeric and the paste and cook for a minute. If you want to make a gravy just add one cup of boiled water.

6 Add fresh coriander mix well and eat with boiled rice, chapati or naan bread.