SKIPTON could be about to get its first cafe aimed squarely at dogs and their owners.

The Kibble Coffee House and Bakery, planned for the recently closed Candle Shop on Sheep Street, would be unique in the town catering for the passing trade of dog walkers, says the application to Craven District Council.

For its canine customers, it is planned to offer a menu including 'pupcakes', dog bone biscuits, donuts and homemade ice cream, and to drink, 'pawsecco' and 'pupspresso'.

Not forgetting its human customers, there will be tea and coffee, toasted bagels, toast and a selection of cakes.

The cafe, which will need the council to agree to a change of use of its currently retail status to a mixed retail and cafe use, would provide a service for both dog and owner and fill a gap in the market, it is planned, and it will be open seven days a week and on bank holidays.

Kibble, owned by former secondary school teacher, Jade Banham, and her mother, say they have combined a love of dogs and a love of baking.

"We want to create a unique place where customers can socialise with each other and their dogs in a comfortable and relaxing environment. There are various dog friendly cafes in and around Yorkshire but we hope Kibble will allow dog owners to feel comfortable in their surroundings and be surrounded by like-minded people," said Ms Banham.

It was getting her dog, Max, a Labrador, that led Ms Banham to decide to set up her own business.

She started baking Max treats she called pupcakes in her spare time, and experimented with different fruit and vegetables.

"I wanted to make sure that he was getting the very best. When visiting the various high street pet stores I would look at the ingredients list and notice lots of E-numbers, additives and preservatives and as a highly food motivated dog I didn’t want to fill his body with such artificial content, I wanted to give him the same clean diet I expect. Gradually my experimenting grew and grew, I would share my treats with friends and family who would comment on the quality of the products and how much their dogs loved them," she said.

She then turned to her mother, who has 25 years in the catering business to join her in the proposed business venture.

Having found what they believe to be the perfect location in Skipton, she has started taking Max on walks in and around the area where she believes she has found many like minded people.

"We have had nothing but positive feedback from dog walkers, groomers and others who seem just as excited as us to bring something completely new to Skipton and potentially attract dog lovers alike to visit Skipton and treat their four legged friend to some puppy ice cream or pupcake after a beautiful country walk while the owners recuperate with a finely brewed coffee and artisan sandwich," she said.

Not forgetting that not everyone is a dog lover, Ms Banham says if they get the go ahead with the business, they will be supporting the Green Dog Walkers scheme, which aims to promote responsible ownership.

"We are already discussing ways we can help and support the Green Dog Walkers, as part of our opening events and on-going support to the GDW will include distributing free branded poo bags to customers and passers-by," she said.