CAMPAIGNERS in Gisburn stepped up their efforts last weekend to get Lancashire County Council to provide a pedestrian crossing in the village.

Thousands of vehicles pass along the A59 through the village every day, yet local residents say there is no safe place for people to cross the road.

Locals took to the streets to talk to residents and visitors alike about the need for a pedestrian crossing and to get signatures on their petition.

There were giveaways for children, which included balloons, stickers, traffic light lollipops and the children’s Highway Code.

Campaign organiser, Gisburn parish councillor David Waters, said: "The overwhelming response from people is that they feel a crossing is desperately needed in the village. Many parents told us they won’t let their children cross the road because it is too dangerous. Others said how scary it was sometimes trying to cross over.

"Of all the comments, the most moving was from a little boy who said 'I want people to sign the petition because I don't want to die crossing the road'."

The campaign is supported by Gisburn Parish Council, who have written to Lancashire County Council asking them to carry out the required assessment of the need for a crossing.

Ribble Valley borough councillor for Gisburn and Rimington, Richard Sherras, is also fully behind the campaign.

He said: "Any able-bodied person who has tried to cross Gisburn Main Street at busy times will tell you how they have taken their lives in their hands. Think of how this is for children or those with impaired mobility and you will understand why I am fully supporting the parish council in its efforts to get a pedestrian crossing."

The petition runs until Sunday, October 1, and people can sign it in the White Bull pub or online by visiting the county council's website at - search for ‘petitions’.