AN end to disruption for motorists on one of Skipton's major arterial roads, closed for several weeks, is in sight.

Yorkshire Water has been carrying out emergency works at the junction of Otley Road and Consort Street, near Skipton town centre, since mid-September.

And the re-opening of the road can't come quickly enough for residents living nearby, who have complained that some drivers have been treating the nearby 'diversion' streets "like a race-track."

They also say they have been "staggered" by the number of motorists who have ignored the several 'road ahead closed' signs, then have had to make a u-turn and go back.

The works are scheduled to be completed tomorrow, Friday, October 13, and the road, used by hundreds of vehicles a day, is scheduled to re-open at about 3pm.

Otley Road householder Derek Webster, who lives yards away from the works, said he could not believe the number of drivers who had ignored the 'road closed' signs.

He said: "We have been staggered.There must be at least half-a-dozen signs over hundreds of yards coming into Skipton telling motorists the road ahead is closed.

"Then they realise it actually is closed. Can't they read? Cars have to turn around, but there have been many lorries and coaches too. They are forced to reverse back a couple of hundred yards - though one articulated lorry did manage to do a three-point turn in the narrow Springfields opposite my house!

"Then many drivers have been treating the nearby streets like Princes Drive and the Regents as a race-track. It's like they have no idea there are speed limits. I can't understand the mentality of these people.

"Everyone around here will be glad when the works are finished so we can get back to normal."

A spokesman for Skipton police said they were not aware of any particular problems with drivers in the area so could not comment.

Meanwhile, works being carried out by Northern Gas Networks at the nearby junction of Newmarket Street, Brougham Street and Otley Road are set to continue until mid-November. A traffic light system was in operation several weeks ago, but vehicles are now moving normally in the area.