This is the week that the Craven Herald makes history – with a new, compact format and news on the front page.

If you are one of those who have been against the changes, at least give us the benefit of the doubt by taking a look at the first issue which is out today.

We hope you are reassured that the paper hasn’t suddenly become a rabid red-top tabloid and that you’ll stay with us next week and the weeks after that.

If you are trying the paper for the first time, we hope you like what you find.

We believe we’ve given the paper a “quality” feel that will appeal to new readers while maintaining the sensibilities of the old Craven Herald.

It still contains all the features which we know our traditional readers enjoy.

We’ve kept our popular History Page, with its Nostalgia picture and the much-loved snippets from the files of papers past.

You’ll still find regular features like A Craven Diary – in its new, easy-to-find slot on the back page – and our columnists, Liz Hird with her Letter from the Farm at Yockenthwaite and Daniel’s Diary.

Garnett’s Year is also now on the back page, ensuring you can easily find our award-winning photographer’s weekly record of the changing of the seasons in Craven.

Our comprehensive arts and entertainments coverage is now brought together with other features under our Leisure section, which now also includes a new Brain Gym page, which will test out your grey matter as you solve the puzzles.

Also in the Leisure section, you will find the first of an occasional series of walks features.

We know that many readers enjoy our traditional crossword puzzle, so we’ve kept that, too. Its new regular slot is on the History Pages. Sport also has a new look, with eight pages starting on Page 56 this week.

“But what about those front-page advertisements?” we hear you ask. They have only moved back one page – onto Page 2. So they are just as easy to find as before.

Don’t forget to write in and tell us what you think.

Peter Greenwood, Editor