A Conservative councillor is recovering after being knocked down by a Lib Dem counterpart.

Val Langtree, who stepped down as borough councillor for the Earby ward earlier this year and is now chairman of Salterforth Parish Council, was struck by a car driven by Coun David Whipp in Barnoldswick town centre last week.

It is understood that Coun Whipp, who is chairman of the Pendle Community Safety Partnership, was reversing his car into a parking space on Frank Street when the accident occurred. Mrs Langtree suffered injuries to her arm.

A police spokesman confirmed that they were aware of the incident and were due to take a statement.

Mrs Langtree’s daughter, Suzanne, said: “She was taken to hospital but she didn’t really want to go, she has got bruising on her leg and arm and her arm is badly swollen.”

Coun Langtree and Coun Whipp have previously stood against each other for election to Barnoldswick Town Council and for the Craven ward on Pendle Borough Council.