HELLIFIELD Women's Institute celebrated the 100th year birthday of the National Women's Institute by inviting members and guests to a cheese and wine evening in the institute.

Guest speaker was North Yorkshire author and former police officer Mike Pannett.

Born in York, he joined the Metropolitan Police in 1988 and became one of the youngest officers to be given his own patch. He served on the Divisional Crime Squad, Murder Squad and TSG (Riot Police) before transferring to North Yorkshire police in 1997.

He became a rural beat officer and eventually, a wildlife officer. In 2005 he starred in the BBC’s Country Cops and was inspired to write about his adventures with the North Yorkshire force.

He told WI members about his life as a policeman, including a visit to the pub where the villagers changed the clock so he was unaware he was drinking long after closing time!

He served for nearly 20 years and became one of the highest commended officers.