I LOVED going to the London College of Fashion, not only was it in the capital city, but I found that the course, in design and business studies for the clothing industry, far excelled my hopes and dreams.

At a similar time to getting my first job in the industry I discovered the Christian faith. How little did I realise then that the bringing together of art and theology later on, could present some quite polarised views.

And so I was pleased to hear on Radio 4 (at 7am on Sunday, February 29) part of the Sunday morning programme had been recorded at the London College of Fashion. The subject being discussed was the positive approach to design and fashion that is being reflected in faith groups with particular reference to the needs of Muslim women.

The radio programme reminded me that as we come nearer to Holy Week, in the New Testament their use of clothing is mentioned as a form of adoration and mockery!

As Jesus enters into Jerusalem we can read in Luke 19: 35-37 cloaks are placed on the colt and the road in honour of the servant king. Then further into the Gospel of Luke, as part of the trial, Herod and his soldiers make fun of Jesus by dressing him up in an elegant robe before sending him back to Pilate (Luke 23: 11). These are just a couple of thoughts which I suppose, revolve around identity.

Since Lent began last month at Ash Wednesday the Christian faith has offered this time in the calendar to ponder our own faith journey, together and alone with Christ, drawing ever closer to his servant values.

From Holy Trinity and St Augustine’s, Draughton, may I wish all the blessings of the season.

The Rev Veronica James

Rector of Holy Trinity, Skipton, and St Augustine’s, Draughton